Lucifer, My King

A Yaoi Webcomic by Moe

Lucifer is tasked to keeping balance between Heaven and Hell after the War of Heaven ended centuries ago. Yet troubling signs suggest the Angels might go against their treaty. But that's not the only thing that seems to be going wrong, the fallen angel Satan is the key to officially ending the impending war but he's no where to be found. Now Lucifer must find him and end the madness before it begins so the War of Heaven does not resume.

*Updates Saturday at Noon Eastern*

Lucifer, my King is a webcomic that's been in the making for almost 10 years. What started off as a fan-fic between a demon butler and a grim reaper morphed into this gigantic universe, this story aims to be a fast favorite to anyone willing to read it. The free version will be 16+ while the paid version is 18+ and available on Patreon and in print form.


By joining Patreon, you will help Moe cover costs of hosting the comic here, computer maintenance, production costs for physical goods, and doggie treats for Lola. You will also get early access to pages, be the first to see incoming art and merch, an exclusive feed, and access to the 18+ pages! Moe's goal is to work on this comic full time so by supporting Lucifer's Patreon will help immensely!

About Moe

A big ol' weeaboo. A semi-retired cosplayer since 2010, Moe refocused their life to go back to what really mattered: drawing gay demons. The origin of Lucifer spawned summer of 2009 after reading about a certain demon butler. It has gone through 6 MASS revisions and we're finally at where it should be. The story of Lucifer has been a coping mechanism because Moe's life kinda sucks.

Inspired by artists like Naoko Takeuchi and Yana Toboso, Moe spent nearly their entire life drawing, most of which ended up being in comic format. Middle school years were spent drawing the absolute worst comic based around the Sailor Moon universe (which Moe still has for memeful moments). That carried on into high school which is why college never really worked out because COMICS. Moe has been drawing comics since 04 so that should pretty much explain why Moe is so attached to Lucifer, it's literally in their blood. Moe does attend school to finish their degree on the side but even then, Moe is still doodling in class.

Moe has 5 dogs and they need attention 24/7.
To see Moe's cosplay works, you can view HERE
Although Moe is semi-retired from cosplay, you can still find them at cons talking about Gay Demons.